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Our mission is to grow medicinal plants using a regenerative approach that heals the land, while supporting our community’s health with organically grown herbal remedies. We are working on building a network of small organic farmers in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia to grow medicinal plants for our formulations, as we believe in the power of locally grown wellness.

About Our Ingredients
All of the plants we use in our formulations are either certified organic or grown by small farmers using organic farming practices, but not officially certified. The herbs and spices we use that cannot be grown in the USA are sourced through a direct-trade relationship which supports the growers. Our chocolate products are made with sustainably and ethically grown Ecuadorian cacao, which is sourced through a direct-trade relationship.
Custom products

We can formulate products to meet your unique goals

The most effective and powerful way to use herbal products to address chronic health issues is to work one-on-one with a Clinical Herbalist. During an Herbal Wellness Consultation, your Herbalist will conduct a detailed intake to understand your medical history, health goals, lifestyle, and current medications. With this information, your Herbalist is able to custom formulate therapeutic botanical products to address your specific health needs and will develop a protocol to guide you along the way. With detailed insight into your health history and current medications, we are able to use medicinal plants in our custom products that we don’t offer in our retail products, and we ensure product dosages are appropriate for your unique needs.

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