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Herbal Wellness Consultation

Are you looking for a more natural approach to nagging health issues? Do you want to learn strategies you can implement into your daily routine to achieve and maintain optimal health?

Herbal Wellness Consultations combine clinical herbalism, nutrition, detoxification strategies, natural skincare/body products, and lifestyle interventions to put you on a path towards sustained wellness.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $185

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $150 

Your Wellness Consultation includes:

Strategies to boost your nutrition using botanical remedies, a therapeutic diet, supplements and nourishing recipes
Gentle but effective detoxification methods to address your health needs using botanicals, food, and natural lifestyle modifications
Recommendations for how to use medicinal herbal remedies to support your health goals and maintain wellness
Suggested natural approaches and lifestyle modifications to support your health, with recommended products and referrals to local healthcare providers
A personalized action plan to recap what was discussed, so you can take steps to improve your health without feeling overwhelmed (provided in a follow-up email)
How it Works

What to expect:


Your initial one-hour session with a WTGG Herbalist will consist of a detailed intake, allowing them to understand your wellness goals, current lifestyle, and medical history. Follow-up sessions are encouraged to cover topics in more depth, adjust your protocol as needed, and provide further guidance as you make lifestyle modifications and incorporate natural healing tools.


Within 10 days of your initial consultation, your Herbalist will formulate therapeutic herbal products* for your specific health needs and mail them to you.

Each session will be followed up with a recap email, so you have a clear path forward and the resources to easily make lifestyle shifts.

Bottom line:

Your Herbalist will help you navigate to the most effective medical and holistic interventions for your specific health concerns, allowing you to get answers faster and take your health into your own hands. You will leave each session empowered with simple ways to incorporate herbal remedies, food as medicine, and detoxification strategies into your daily routine to augment your health.

*The cost of your custom formulated herbal products and shipping fees are not included in the consultation fee and will be billed separately.

Our Herbalists

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Erin Antosh

Erin is a Clinical Herbalist with a background in nutrition, detoxification, natural living, organic gardening, and true farm-to-table cooking. Learn more about Erin here.

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This could be your bio telling wellness seekers about your experience as an herbalist or holistic health practitioner.

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Provider Name

This could be your bio telling wellness seekers about your experience as an herbalist or holistic health practitioner.

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Tools for Change

Natural products to support your wellbeing

We believe in organically grown plant remedies, non-toxic bath/beauty products, and supporting the conscious companies that make these natural wellness tools. When you work with one of our Herbalists or Nutrition professionals, we formulate herbal remedies that support your specific health goals and incorporate wellness products from makers in our collective that are best suited for you. You will be sent a curated box of products to support you on your journey to true wellbeing following your initial consultation (and follow-up appointments, as needed).

What’s in the box? Well, that depends on your specific health goals, your daily rituals, and the type of person you are. We get to know you and what you will be able to easily incorporate into your life, so the products we provide are truly effective.

Connecting you to yourself, nature, and your local community to grow the good in your life.

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