Our Approach

Natural wellness solutions, customized for you

Through individual consultations, customized protocols to guide you, and therapeutic botanical products formulated specifically for you, we help you transform your health using a natural approach.

The path to true well-being requires integrating a variety of holistic modalities and working on the mind, body and spirit level. If you are incredibly stressed, no amount of natural products can resolve your health issues unless you also work to mitigate the emotional stressors in your life. WTGG is a collective of herbalists, nutrition professionals, life and relationship coaches, mind-body connection experts, movement coaches, and natural product makers. You pick the provider you need to support you on your journey, and we curate natural wellness products for you along the way, as needed.

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Cultivating true health, naturally

Doctors in Western conventional medicine are not educated in nutrition, prevention, healthy lifestyle, holistic modalities, detoxification, and stress reduction. Their time and tools to truly support chronic conditions and help you maintain wellness are limited. When 80% of chronic illnesses are preventable through lifestyle factors, it is time to take your health into your own hands. WTGG unites natural wellness practitioners and products to cover the gap in conventional medical knowledge and share holistic health tools to empower your health.

Are you ready to deviate from the conventional medical approach of disease management and learn natural ways to support your health and maintain wellness? It’s time to schedule a personalized wellness consultation.

How it Works

An alternative path to wellbeing

We help people find and maintain wellbeing through a natural and personalized approach. Getting started is easy:


Pick a consultation type and a provider (we are constantly adding new services and holistic health practitioners to our collective!).


Schedule your initial consultation, electronically sign our Liability Waver, and you will be provided with all of the information you need to prepare for your appointment.


Your 60 minute consultation is held over the phone or video conferencing platform, so make sure you are in a good spot to have a private conversation at the time of your appointment.


Within 10 days following your appointment, herbal products will be custom formulated for your needs and mailed to you, and you will receive an email with your initial protocol (this only applies to Herbal Wellness Consultations).


Follow-up appointments will need to be scheduled periodically so we can adjust and add to your protocol.

Consultations are held over the phone or through a video conferencing platform, based on your preference. Choose from our consult types below to get started. We are constantly adding new holistic health practitioners to our collective!

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Select a Service

Select a consult type below to learn about our providers and their specific consultation offerings, book your initial appointment, and schedule follow-up appointments.

Herbal Wellness Consultations

Herbal Wellness Consultations combine clinical herbalism, nutrition, detoxification strategies, natural skincare/body products, and lifestyle interventions to put you on a path towards sustained wellness.

Lifestyle Coaching

Work with one of our life coaches, relationship therapists, mind-body connection experts or movement coaches to find balance in all aspects of your life.


Health & Nutrition Consultations

Work with a Nutrition professional to heal through using food as medicine or a Health Coach to augment many aspects of your wellbeing.


Tools for Change

Natural products to support your wellbeing

We believe in organically grown plant remedies, non-toxic bath/beauty products, and supporting the conscious companies that make these natural wellness tools. When you work with one of our Herbalists or Nutrition professionals, we formulate herbal remedies that support your specific health goals and incorporate wellness products from makers in our collective that are best suited for you. You will be sent a curated box of products to support you on your journey to true wellbeing following your initial consultation (and follow-up appointments, as needed).

What’s in the box? Well, that depends on your specific health goals, your daily rituals, and the type of person you are. We get to know you and what you will be able to easily incorporate into your life, so the products we provide are truly effective.

Connecting you to yourself, nature, and your local community to grow the good in your life.

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