Focus on What Nourishes You

by | Mind Body Wellness

I saw someone on social media post a photo of her bowl of oatmeal topped with blueberries and walnuts, with the comment, “I don’t remember the last time I made oatmeal on the stovetop. I normally microwave a package of flavored instant oats and run out the door.”

She took the time to make herself real oatmeal, topped it with nutrient-dense foods, and sat down to fully enjoy it. And that was a noticeable difference to her normal routine.

I have seen more people taking photos of the budding trees and flowers this year than ever before. Instead of just noticing Spring blooms during our commute to and from work, we are walking in nature daily and taking in the season. We are finding refuge in nature, bringing awareness to the changing season, and it’s deeply nourishing during this uncertain time.

  • The act of thoughtfully cooking something for yourself that you know will positively fuel your body, and then bringing your full presence to sitting down to enjoy it; that is nourishment.
  • Truly observing the miracle of nature while on a walk in the woods; that is nourishment.
  • Sitting in a candlelit bath, fully immersed in listening to your favorite songs; that is nourishment.
  • Making art for the sake of stimulating your creativity without judging the outcome; that is nourishment.

In this time of pause and uncertainty, humans are naturally finding ways to nourish themselves for comfort. It is a human instinct we have long been ignoring in our fast-paced lives. During this pandemic, we are caring for ourselves and others on a level we have never before, and we are slowly waking up to the realization that being truly present in the moment isn’t an aspect of the normal rhythm of our lives. We prioritize the “to-do” list and the desires of others over truly listening to and addressing our own needs.

This isn’t my first shelter in place.

I have suffered the consequences of 20 years of chronic illness, constantly putting others’ needs before my own, not listening to my body, and running on a daily handful of pharmaceutical drugs to keep me going at the pace I demanded of myself. When my health ultimately crashed, nourishing my mind, body and spirit became my only option and my full-time job. I have been quarantined in hospital rooms and bedridden at my parent’s home while in my 30’s.

What I learned from my personal health crisis and the forced pause it created in my life is this: prioritize nourishing yourself and being present in the now. I bet there is at least one thing that you have done since starting social distancing that you haven’t done in a long time (or ever), and although it may have felt different, it was really nourishing. Focus on doing the things that nourish you during this time, versus allowing yourself to be pulled into fear. Do the things that nourish you to get through this temporarily difficult time, and then commit to establishing rituals to nourish yourself when the pace of life picks back up again. We cannot miss the message this pandemic is sending us.

I am in the business of supporting you in nourishing yourself.

I want to support you in moving through this unprecedented time with ease, and growing from this experience. Send me an email ( letting me know how you plan to nourish yourself daily when the world returns back to normal. In what ways will you shift your schedule or change your awareness? What nourishing rituals will you establish when this global health crisis over? What do you want to remember from this time when the world shut down?

I will record your response in a spreadsheet, and send you a reminder of your commitment when life picks back up again. It can be one thing, a list, or a journal entry. Whatever you want to receive as a reminder, like a time capsule, when life starts bustling again.


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