Who we are

An incubator for holistic health providers and natural product makers

Where The Good Grows is a collective of wellness practitioners and natural product makers, joining together to support clients on their journey to wellbeing. We are a virtual holistic health practice with a strong community presence in the Washington, DC area. Whether you are just getting started or have an established business in the wellness arena, The Collective is a business incubator that can connect you with your right-fit audience, natural products to support your clients’ health journeys, and a network of other wellness-oriented providers locally.

Marketing & Exposure

We promote your offerings to draw in right-fit clients, so you have more time to do what you do best.

Event Management

We partner with you on events – providing a registration platform, space (if needed), and marketing.

Coaching & Support

We support your business in its growth, providing business coaching and a network of support services.
The problem

Reducing the overwhelm, for wellbeing seekers and providers

Americans today are inundated with advertisements, emails, and conflicting news articles. Due to this, as a small business it is difficult to rise above the noise and connect with your ideal customer in a meaningful way. You need to focus on running your business and providing your products/services, and are left with little time and energy for your blog, newsletter, social media accounts, and connecting with prospective clients in-person through events. Hiring marketing agencies is costly, and doesn’t always result in a measurable return on your investment.

WTGG provides a centralized resource for wellbeing seekers to learn about natural wellness topics and work on-on-one with a practitioner to reach their health goals using a natural approach.

We offer three membership options for our incubator:


Highlight your expertise in an area of natural health by writing articles to be featured on WTGG’s website and in our newsletter. This membership level also applies to photographers who are looking to showcase their work on our website, social media platforms and our newsletter. We list your photo + bio in The Collective section on the Our Team page and include a link to your website and Instagram with the content you contribute.


Offer consultation services and/or online programs in your area of expertise. You have the choice of utilizing our scheduling and payment platform for appointments or booking appointments through your website (with WTGG serving as a lead generation platform). We support you in refining your services, marketing your offerings, and growing your reach. We list your photo + bio in The Collective section on the Our Team page. You also have the opportunity to write articles for our online publication and newsletter!


Include your natural health-oriented products in our curated boxes that are sent to our wellness consultation clients. We support you in sourcing your raw materials, getting your products compliant, and we buy inventory from you. We list your photo + bio in The Collective section on the Our Team page. You also have the opportunity to write articles for our online publication and newsletter!
Community Support Health

Better Together

The WTGG Collective enables you to focus on what you do best – working 1:1 with clients to improve their health, teaching, or making natural wellness products. We promote and provide your offerings through our consultation services as well as our publication, newsletter, and social channels, so you can direct more of your time to the aspects of your business that you love. We do the work to draw in the community that resonates with your services, provide a platform for booking consultations and event registration, and get your therapeutic products into the right hands.

Membership in The Collective includes:

A platform for clients to schedule and pay for consultation appointments with you, which collects initial client intake information and allows the client to electronically sign a liability waiver
Opportunities to teach workshops and online programs to our community, with coordination and marketing support from WTGG
The opportunity to include your natural wellness products (bath and body products, herbal remedies, self care products, etc.) in the custom boxes that are sent to our wellness consultation clients
Event listing and registration through our platform
The opportunity to share your expertise as a contributor, writing articles that will be featured in our online publication and our newsletter
Features and articles about you and your business in our newsletter and social media channels
Access to our exclusive Facebook group to connect with other local conscious business owners and share event announcements + educational articles with our community
A motivational business owner monthly check-in call with WTGG’s CEO Erin Antosh, whose background is in business consulting and coaching (One 60 minute call each month to track and celebrate your growth, and help remove any barriers along the way)
Opportunities to take part in retreats, corporate wellness events, promotional contests, and seasonal artisan markets in conjunction with other member organizations organized by WTGG
Participation in The Collective gatherings, to connect in a real way with other wellness providers in the DMV area
Your bio, photo and company information listed on the Our Team page
Your company’s listing in our Local Goodness business directory launching in early 2020
Who Should Join

Calling all natural wellness advocates

You are a good fit for the WTGG Collective if you are an Herbalist, Holistic Health Professional, Nutritionist, natural product maker, and/or teacher in the natural wellness arena. If you make natural wellness products, we work with you to ensure your product labeling is compliant, and hold some of your inventory on hand for inclusion in client packages, as your products are an appropriate fit for a client.

As wellness consultations can be booked through our website and provided either over the phone or a video conferencing platform, providers do not have to be local to the Washington, DC area. Although, you would get the most out of your membership in the collective if you are local to the DMV area.

How it works

Joining forces to improve health, naturally

As a member of our incubator, you have the option to utilize our platform for clients to schedule a consultation with you. Alternatively, we can feature you and support your business in its growth, while linking to your website for client’s to book appointments. If you choose to use our scheduling platform to offer nutrition or wellness consultations, we can augment your service by formulating and curating natural health products for your clients’ specific health needs. We mail your clients’ a customized package of botanical products following their initial appointment (and subsequent appointments, as needed).

Here is what you can expect as a holistic health provider on our platform:


Once you’ve become part of the WTGG Collective, we’ll establish you on our scheduling platform, which allows you to determine when you want to make yourself available for consultations. There is no minimum about of hours – work when you want.


When a client books an appointment with you through our platform, they will complete an initial intake form and electronically sign a liability waiver.


You receive an email notifying you of your new appointment, along with the information submitted by the client and the desired meeting method (online or via phone).


You have an initial consultation with your new client, develop the client’s initial protocol to help them accomplish their health goals, and work with a WTGG representative to formulate and curate the appropriate wellness products for the client.


You write the client a recap email that details their initial protocol, lets them know their package is being shipped, and provide a link for them to schedule their follow-up appointment.


WTGG ships the client’s package and invoices the client for the products.

Join the collective

Apply to become a member of the WTGG Collective by completing an application so we can get to know a little about you and your offerings. We will send you detailed information about working with us as well as the Establishment Fee that allows us to get you setup on our platform and support you in your growth. Please note that to work with us, you are required to hold your own Liability Insurance and keep licensing for your credentials current. Contact us to learn more and get your questions answered: hello@wherethegoodgrows.com.

Connecting you to yourself, nature, and your local community to grow the good in your life.

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